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How I Met Rob the Viking

At this point, I’ve been living in Vancouver for about 6 months or so, doing my best at making connections and getting my foot in the door. I’ve put myself out there meeting new people and attending any events I could, this is not the way I had met Rob though, the stars lined up just perfectly for this one. One night my friends and I threw a get together at the crib, people that we had met and their acquaintances showed up. The gathering lasted hours as we laughed and joked the night away, near the end, the inevitable freestyles broke out (If you’ve ever partied with the homies you know a cypher is going down at some point of the night). Before moving to Vancouver my freestyle game wasn’t at its full potential, but I had a good homie that always pushed me to practice, and practice I did. I think I was at my peak for off the top, I can’t throw it down now like I could then. Anyways back to the party, this dude named Chris approached me after the cypher and said that was some of the best stuff he’s heard in a LONG time, I guess I killed it. He told me he used to rap back in the day and Rob the Viking was a good homie of his, he then told me he wanted Rob to hear my talent and he would bring me to Battle Axe Studios..Okay so at this point I think to myself, ‘This guy is just gassing a bro up, even if he was a good homie of Robs he’s had a lot to drink’. I’ve had a lot of people tell me things over the years, they would fly here here, someone would sign me over there, I’ve heard a lot of things that just never happened, I’ve gotten used to people just talking and never pulling through. This time was different, Chris told me he would be at my house around noon the next day, I’m still asleep as I hear a knock on the door. I’m not feeling too hot from the previous night, also I answer the door in my boxers, I was still half asleep. I answer the door and there stands Chris, oh shit I think to myself, I better get some clothes on. I get myself dressed and we chat in my living room, I was asked If I had songs ready to show Rob, I honestly didn’t think this guy would show. I put a couple tracks on a USB from my newest mix tape titled First Flight, I was ready to meet the Juno Award Winning producer. On the ride over I started to get nervous, what if my songs aren’t up his alley? Or what if he thinks I’m garbage? You know the thoughts of an over thinker. As we arrive to the studio I shake the feeling off as I walk into the building, I step into the studio and I’m greeted by Rob the Viking and this new rapper, Neph. Neph is Prevail of Swollen Members’ nephew, he was fresh on the scene and recording his new project titled The Black Box EP. We vibed in the studio awhile as Rob finished mixing his track, I just stood there soaking it in. This guy is a legendary producer here in Canada, with walls of plaques to prove it, and I’m about to show him some of my music!! It was kind of a surreal moment. Neph finished up his studio session and left, it was just us in the studio and Chris pulled out my USB. As the first song started to play I seen Rob start to bob his head, I could tell by his half smiles he flashed here and there, he was liking what he heard. He looked over at me and said ‘so this is you?’ I nodded my head, trying my best not to jump up and down the room in excitement. Although he liked the music I wasn’t fully sure where we would go from here, until asked if I wanted to come back again tomorrow… OF COURSE I DID! This must be a good sign, those stars are lining up for your bro once again. We leave the studio and my friend Chris said Rob was really digging the music, we might be able to record something tomorrow. No way I thought to myself, this is just too crazy. Before bed I kept thinking of how at the beginning of the year I was in my home province, not knowing what to expect. I’ve worked so hard and put out so much music, everything was starting to pay off. The next day I show up to the studio, Rob and I start talking and getting to know one another, as we talk he starts to make a beat. He was showing me different records he had for sampling as he continued creating this beat, it never occurred to me at the time that I would be making a song over it, and it was such heat he was producing. It was awesome to watch him in his environment, a true master at his craft. About half way through the beat he asked me I wanted to write to this beat. AW MAN NO WAY! I think to myself, I’d be honoured to write and show him what I came up with, but about half way through the verse he says ‘we should record this’. I need to step outside! I’m so excited at this point, I told him I was going for a smoke but I really called my mom, I told her the situation and she was so proud of me. I head back into the studio and we create the 3rd song to First Flight titled Throw Down. It was such a memorable day. After that Rob and I have become close friends, He recorded my recent projected titled Fame Or Destruction, in that time he’s met my family, I also met his when he was generous enough to let Casey, Aubrie and I stay at his home while recording at the new Chamber Studios on the Island. Casey went into labour while recording her part for Destruction, it’s been a crazy ride so far. Now I’m getting ready to release my first EP recorded with the man himself, with talks of my next instalment being recorded at the Chamber Studios. Shout out to the homie man, he’s had a lot of faith in me and has showed nothing but respect since we met. 30604•

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