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It feels like not too long ago I was alone in my basement suite in Vancouver and thinking about giving up, I had been battling depression for months and things were always falling apart around me, sometimes I couldn’t sleep or eat for a couple days my mind wouldn’t let me do anything.

I never gave up and I told myself one day things will get better, I’ve always wanted to make a change in the world but first I had to go through a journey. At times it was dark and I felt alone a lot, but as I grow older I realized everything I went through taught me valuable lessons that allow me to be the way that I am. Our people have been suffering sometimes in silence for hundreds of years, in communities some of us haven’t even heard of. These past experiences have really gave me a new look on life. I’ve been told some stories that I’m sure I’ve heard before but can only understand their true meanings now. I still have so much more to learn. I almost gave up a few times, sitting in that basement alone and it felt like things would never get better. Every time I would talk to my mom on the phone I would tell her everything is fine, I’m doing good and she never needed to worry but in fact I was at one of the lowest points in my life, I suffered in silence. I think back and how much I just needed for someone to understand me and thankfully I found that person before it was too late, my partner Casey had been there for me the whole time. I spent most of my days talking to her, even though she was a province away for those brief moments (more like hours and hours on the sometimes) life seemed okay. Thinking back retrospectively I know now she was sent from the creator to help me, but she was going through a tough time as well, he guided us to each other because that’s exactly what we needed. We’ve always had that strong connection, it was like our energies had spent lifetimes together.

As I write this I’m on a plane back home to Vancouver from Toronto with my life/business partner. We’ve come so far from the struggle we once found ourselves in, we’ve grown together and experiences hardships that seemed unbearable at times but through our connection we persevered. Our friends and family call us a power couple and I feel rightfully so, together we are a powerful team, we combine the best of both of us and work together to create a better future. What you see isn’t how we always were, it took a lot of work and time to get where we are today but we were dedicated to each other and our passions. We’ve guided one another when we would feel lost. This past weekend in Toronto has been nothing short of amazing and I wanted to write this blog to let you know, there are always brighter days ahead no matter how low you feel, always follow that fire inside of you and never ignore those connections, without this connection I can guarantee my life wouldn’t be where it is today and I’m forever grateful for the creator for guiding me to my life partner and my new friends, these people in my life are helping me shape me the way I am today.

I feel like this year we are about to create REAL change in the world and without our new partners I feel like this also wouldn’t be possible. I want to thank these people that we’ve made connections with that has forever changed the way I see things and the way I see the world. I used to think in this fight for change we were alone, nobody cared for us indigenous peoples of this land and they only cared for themselves but I was wrong, very wrong. Through these new connections my eyes have opened up to a new light. A light that was very dim before but just like a small candle in a room can light up the darkest of spaces, imagine what a room full of candles could do. That’s us and our new partnership, Casey and I brought light and awareness but we could not do this alone. I write this blog to share a story but also my appreciation for these people in my life. I feel like before we leave this earth we will have started a new cycle not of oppression but unity amongst all peoples of the land we call Mother Earth.

In all my relations.

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